Long hopes newspapers are successful in their legal bid to stop planning change

Alliance Party Deputy Leader, Naomi Long MLA, has stated she hopes the three big newspapers here are successful in their court case to overturn the government’s decision to stop publishing planning applications in them. Her comments come the day before the next High Court hearing is due to take place. She also praised the three newspapers for publishing planning application free of charge, because they believe it to be in the public interest.

The East Belfast Assembly Member stated: “I hope that common sense prevails and that the High Court overturns this disgraceful decision.

“It is in the public’s interests that plans should be published in the three big newspapers. There are many plans which affect people on a regional basis. For example, everyone in Northern Ireland should be kept well informed of planning matters concerning the proposed national stadium and large retail developments like Victoria Square.

“It is essential that the planning process is open and transparent. The government, in making this decision, are going against key principles which servants of the public should adhere to.

“I also wish to praise the three big newspapers here because they are currently publishing planning applications free of charge, as they believe they should do this to serve the best interests of public.”


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