Long hits out over latest funding decision

Councillor Michael Long has hit out at the other parties on Belfast City Council , and especially the DUP and Sinn Féin, for backing the full spending of the proposed 500k, for the Summer Bonfire Deiversionary Scheme, despite the fact that only two groups scored over 60% in the assessment.

Councillor Long said: “Everyone knows the Alliance position, that we do not think that an extra £500k should have been added to the rates for this scheme, which undermines the existing bonfire scheme and which appeared to be a carve up between Sinn Féin and the DUP.
” At tonight’s meeting, Alliance called for only projects scoring above 60% to be funded. This would have saved ratepayers £300k.
He added: ” Alliance wants fair funding for all to be a priority in the new term and an end to carve ups. Unfortunately, not one other party backed our proposal to cut spending.
“On their election literature, the DUP and UUP are always saying they are the parties of low rates, but they seem to be happy to splurge on this.
“Tonight, Sinn Féin described me as a broken record. Well, Alliance will continue to stand up for openness and fairness until it is delivered.”