Long: Haass Talks negotiators must reflect the public’s ambitions

Following a meeting of the five parties involved in the Haass talks, Naomi Long MP said: “Tonight saw some tough talking around the table and very difficult conversations; however, they were important, because they go to the core of what we were here to address – a shared commitment to the rule of law; a common understanding of what we mean when we say that all space is shared space; and what it is to respect diversity in a society where people have differing aspirations and identities.

“Parties now need to reflect not just on those conversations, but on whether their ambitions for this process live up to the aspirations which the 600 plus individuals and organisations who have invested hope in this process have for our future and the commitment and determination shown by Richard Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan, and their team.

“If parties can find a way to accommodate each other in this process, then surely we can inspire people in the community to accommodate their neighbours.

“A deal is still possible, but it will require political will, generosity and a renewed focus on the public’s desire for real change, a better future and a shared future for everyone.”


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