Long gets Libraries NI to appear before Castlereagh Council.

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor Michael Long last night proposed a motion at the Council that called for the Head of Libraries NI Irene Knox to come before them to discuss the decision to close three libraries in the borough, the motion was unanimously supported.

Cllr Michael Long said: “The decision to close three libraries in Castlereagh will have a negative impact on the local community. While it was good news that Tullycarnet was kept open, the library provision in the area will be below what is needed. These libraries provide a vital resource to a large number of people in the borough which will be lost due these closures.

“Due to the poor transport links in the area, it is not workable to close down three and tell people to travel to another. While Libraries NI may say that that there is a library close to the ones that closed, in reality you would have to get a bus into the city centre and get another one back out to get to it.

“I hope the Chief Executive of Libraries NI will hear from the Councillors the problems that these closures will create. Hopefully after they have met with the Council, Libraries NI will reverse their decision and keep more libraries in the area open.”


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