Long: Data Retention legislation could pose a risk to civil liberties

Alliance East Belfast MP, Naomi Long, has voiced her opposition to the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers emergency legislation that is being debated in Westminster on Tuesday. She will oppose the bill but has given support to an amendment which would create a sunset clause that will ensure these powers expires in December 2014.

Naomi Long MP said: “I fear this legislation could pose a serious risk to civil liberties. I do not believe it is well thought out and I am concerned by the powers it could give to our surveillance agencies over our private and personal data.

“This Bill is being rushed through Parliament in response to a court ruling in April, but they have had several months to properly consult on this issue instead of rushing it through before summer recess. This has meant that we have only had a limited amount of time to consider what is a potentially far reaching piece of legislation.

“While I am opposed to the Bill, it will inevitably become law as it has the backing of the three major parties in Westminster. I have sought to minimise its impact by supporting an amendment that, if passed, would ensure these powers will terminate in December 2014.

“I fear that the Government is using the excuse of combating terrorism as means to snoop on everyone. They previously failed to pass the snoopers charter several years ago, but it looks like they will be successful this time.”


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