Long confident that two Alliance Minister will lead even more change

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP has said she is confident that having two Alliance Ministers, David Ford and Stephen Farry now in government will help deliver even more change and ensure a constructive approach in the Executive.

Naomi Long MP said: “I am very confident that David and Stephen will develop and build on the constructive approach that David has already demonstrated in the Executive.

“The leadership we have shown was strongly endorsed in the elections and Alliance will continue to display leadership in the Executive through David and Stephen.

“Two Alliance Ministers at the heart of government will mean even more solutions on issues affecting the everyday lives of people here.

“I know that Stephen Farry will bring the same positive delivery to Employment and Learning that David Ford has already demonstrated as Justice Minister. More Alliance Ministers means more pressure to help create a shared future and to deliver the economic revolution we need to create more jobs and deliver growth.”


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