Long condemns Ulster Unionists on repeat debate debacle

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MLA has criticised Ulster Unionists for putting forward exactly the same motion to the Assembly as they proposed to the house in May. She called on them to withdraw the motion on fuel poverty immediately. The original debate took place on 29 May and they are proposing that a motion containing exactly the same wording be debated on Tuesday 18 September.

The East Belfast Assembly Member said: “This may be an error from the UUP and they should withdraw their motion immediately. I am astounded to find that the wording of this motion is identical to the one that they proposed in the house on 29 May of this year.

“There are so many groups lobbying local MLAs who want their concerns raised in the Assembly. To be debating exactly the same motion again is disappointing and reflects very badly on those who proposed it.

“Whilst we recognise that it is vitally important to tackle the issue of fuel poverty, the UUP should not be proposing the same motion twice.

“I hope that this is merely an administrative oversight from the UUP, and not evidence that they have run out of fresh ideas so soon after the summer recess.”


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