Long condemns those behind device found in East Belfast

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long has condemned those behind a device found near the Oval football ground in the east of the city.

Naomi Long MP said: “This alert caused significant disruption in the area and some people were moved from their homes in the vicinity. Incidents like this are absolutely despicable and people should be able to get on with their lives without having to face such disruption.

“This is a quiet residential area and the community will be very shocked at this find. There are many young families and older people living in the area and this must have been a traumatic experience for people affected by this incident. I am appalled at the completely reckless actions of those behind this device.

“People who try to cause fear and disruption must not be allowed to stop progress towards creating a shared and better future in Northern Ireland.

“I would appeal to anyone with information on this incident to contact police immediately to help them with their investigation into it.” ENDS

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