Long calls on retailers to have consistent prices for petrol

Alliance Castlereagh Councillor Michael Long has responded to the news that Northern Ireland has the highest petrol prices in the UK by saying that retailers must have a consistent price across Northern Ireland. Michael met the Consumer Council earlier this month to raise concerns about the use of local pricing policies by petrol retailers.

Cllr Michael Long said: “This news today is further proof that consumers in Northern Ireland are paying more for petrol than other parts of the UK. But it is the inconsistency in prices by some large retailers that is causing the most problems for consumers.

“I would always urge consumers to shop around for the best price for any product they are purchasing but there is confusion in that the same retailers are charging different prices only a few miles apart.

“I felt the meeting we had with the Consumer Council was very productive and I look forward to working with them on this issue but I know it will not be easy to achieve.

“Consumers are losing out by these variances in charges, I hope that these large retailers will see sense and implement a standardised price across their stores in Northern Ireland.”


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