Long calls on Prime Minister to support the re-establishment of law and order in Libya

Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long has urged the Prime Minister to support the re-establishment of the rule of law and proper democracy in Libya following the killing of the former leader of Libya Col Gaddafi. Naomi asked a question on Monday afternoon to the Prime Minister following a statement on recent developments in Libya.

Naomi Long MP said: “We recognise that Gaddafi was a violent tyrant and the toppling of his Government has created an opportunity for Libya to enjoy rebirth as a modern democratic nation. However, we should be concerned at the allegations that Col. Gaddafi was executed in cold blood after capture.

“His victims both in Libya and around the world including here in Northern Ireland deserved to have their day in court.

“Libya is now free of a tyrant, but we need to see law and order re-established where those guilty of the heinous crimes carried out by the old regime brought before courts where their cases are heard and decided.

“If the opportunities for Libya created by this change are to be realised, a stable government and multi-party democracy needs to be established rapidly to stabilise the country.

“I welcome the response from the Prime Minister to my question where he agreed that Gaddafi should have had a trial where he would have faced justice for all the crimes he has committed. I think it was also important that he said that the inquiry into Gaddaffi’s death should be carried out properly.


House of Commons Hansard

Naomi Long (Belfast East) (Alliance): I share the Prime Minister’s optimism at the formal liberation of Libya, and I pay tribute to the role our armed forces have played in that process. Is the Prime Minister as concerned as I am, however, at the allegation of the summary execution of any human being-even of a violent tyrant such as Gaddafi? Does he share my view that there is a need urgently to re-establish the rule of law and proper democracy in that country?

The Prime Minister: I think the hon. Lady makes an important point. We all saw those pictures on our televisions and newspapers; they were not pleasant images. I think everyone understands that that is not what should have happened; it should have ended in a trial and in Gaddafi facing justice. As I said earlier, Chairman Jalil has announced that there will be an inquiry, and I think it is important that the Libyans carry it out properly.

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