Long calls on interface violence to be halted

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has called on all those with influence in the local community to help bring an end to ongoing violence at a nearby interface.

Alliance MP Mrs Long was speaking after the latest incident, in which a 15-year-old girl received hospital treatment for cuts and bruising after being hit in the face with a wooden object close to a flashpoint along the Ballymacarrett Road.

It was the latest in a series of violent acts, which have included a car being burnt out on Castlereagh Street and police officers attacked by petrol and paint bombs. Mrs Long said action was needed to curb the incidents.

“No-one wants to see this ongoing violence, which does nothing but cause harm to the people and businesses in the area. If it continues, it could end up in even worse situations than the one which saw this poor girl attacked.

“The time for leadership is now. OFMdFM set out their stall in their Together: Building a United Community strategy but have yet to show any real, effective leadership in improving community relations, meaning progress in the area is immensely slow.

“Alliance will continue to work to create a truly shared future but we are also calling on all those who have influence in this area to join us in helping end this destructive behaviour.”

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