Long calls for Nama investigation after Spotlight report

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has called for an investigation into fresh allegations made around the Nama deal controversy, following a BBC Spotlight report.

Mrs Long made the demand after the show, broadcast tonight (Monday), made allegations involving Nama, businessman Frank Cushnahan and several DUP politicians.

“I would urge an independent investigation to be established into this matter immediately,” she said.

“For a man who was labelled in some quarters as a pillar of the community to be caught on camera admitting he was due to be paid ‘a fixer fee’ for the sale of the Nama portfolio is disturbing, especially given his previous denials.

“The controversy surrounding what was the biggest property deal in Northern Ireland’s history has been there from the start, with accusations of deliberate wrongdoing from several quarters particularly troubling.

“At a time when public confidence in local politics is at an all-time low, it is vital any allegations of wrongdoing are investigated and done so urgently. Only by doing so can the parties implicated regain the trust of the people.”

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