Long calls for improved roads co-ordination

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has called for better co-ordination between the Roads Service and utilities in order to reduce the number of times that roads are dug up. He was speaking after a meeting with Phoenix Gas representatives at Castlereagh Borough Council’s Planning meeting at which they were unable to give assurances that footpaths and roads that are currently being replaced in the Glenview area would not be dug up again in the future to install gas pipelines.

Councillor Long said:

“At present the Glenview area is only under consideration for future expansion by Phoenix and local people would undoubtedly welcome this increase in local amenities. However, I am concerned that Phoenix are only now looking at the area when re-surfacing of roads and footpaths in the Glenview has either recently been completed or will be in the next year. Residents have fought for years to have this work carried out and I am appalled that within a short period all this work might have counted for nothing.”

“It is surely unacceptable that residents would have to put up with such disruption. Surely utilities should co-ordinate more with the Roads Service so that they can install gas pipes in any area they propose to work in at the same time as repairs by the Roads Service are carried out. It would have made more sense for Phoenix to have provided their service now when the Roads Service is working in the area and when Phoenix are currently working nearby.”

“I have been informed that there is currently a 1 year look out from an area after repairs have been carried out. However, I feel that this period should be extended in an effort to make all utilities who dig up our roads to work better with statutory agencies in order to minimise disruption for residents as well as having roads and footpaths that are not a patchwork of repairs.”


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