Long calls for end to double jobbing

Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long has encouraged other political parties to follow Alliance’s lead and end dual mandates. Her comments follow the Secretary of State’s pledge to stop the practice.

The East Belfast MP was speaking after Theresa Villiers’ speech at the Conservative Party conference yesterday (Monday), in which the Minister backed Alliance policies such as no more double-jobbing and ending of costly segregation in our society.

Mrs Long said the Secretary of State’s warnings about the cost of division and dual mandates were public support of what Alliance has achieved.

Naomi Long MP said: “The Alliance Party has led the way on pre-election promises, and these include increased transparency of party funding and ending dual mandates. I have campaigned on these issues repeatedly at Westminster and our MLAs have also highlighted them at Stormont.

“I would once again call on other parties in Northern Ireland to follow in our footsteps and deal with these issues on a voluntary basis in order to make the structures better for the people we are elected by.”


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