Long backs calls for Kincora to be included in inquiry

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has backed calls for the inclusion of an infamous home in her constituency to be included in a UK-wide child abuse inquiry.

Alliance MP Mrs Long said the inquiry, announced by Home Secretary Theresa May yesterday (Monday) should include Kincora Boys’ Home, which saw three members of staff jailed in 1981 for abusing 11 boys.

However, allegations have persevered since then that a paedophile ring containing politicians, senior civil servants and others operated at the home, with intelligence and security services allegedly covering up the visits, as well as reportedly blocking any probes.

Mrs Long said the allegations were more than enough to see Kincora included in the inquiry.

“While several members of staff were made to pay for their crimes, there has always been a belief that the abuse went deeper than has been made public. We owe it to the victims to investigate all allegations, as they deserve justice for what they went through.

“This inquiry is a chance to finally do that, as although Kincora is included in the Northern Ireland’s historical abuse investigation, it does not have the remit to compel evidence from Whitehall. Given the allegations of the level of visitors to Kincora, the Home Secretary’s inquiry could be a better vehicle to obtain the truth in this instance.

“It is important we support victims of abuse, particularly as any inquiry could have the ability to re-traumatise them. Part of that is investigating allegations that sinister links existed between the highest levels of society and residents of Kincora. I will raise this issue with the Home Secretary and press for Kincora to be included as part of this inquiry.”


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