Long asks Minister for special consideration for NI on Irish bailout

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long has today asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban MP, to give consideration to Northern Ireland businesses and jobs that could be placed in jeopardy if the problems in the Irish economy and banking sector are not resolved.

Naomi Long MP said: “So many people, businesses and jobs here are linked to the fortunes of the Republic of Ireland and we need to ensure that the economic situation is stabilised and so that these jobs and investments can be protected. In particular, many of our banks are affected directly by the deepening crisis and I raised this with the Financial Secretary to the Treasury in Parliament today.

“I believe that it is in the interests of Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK for the Government to do what it can to stabilise the situation in Ireland as it is a hugely important trading partner and export market. Northern Ireland is certainly not immune from the problems within the Irish economy, and Westminster must be fully cognisant of that as the Government responds, and so I was pleased with the reassurances given by Mark Hoban today that he does recognise the economic linkages.

“He clearly recognises that Ireland is our neighbour, our trading partner and EU colleague, and it is incumbent on the UK and all the other EU countries to work towards stability.”


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