Long and Bradshaw selected as Alliance General Election candidates

Alliance Leader Naomi Long has been selected as the party’s candidate for the East Belfast constituency in the upcoming General Election.

The party’s MLA Paula Bradshaw was also chosen by members as Alliance candidate for the South Belfast constituency for the June 8 poll.

The pair are two of the 18 candidates Alliance will be standing across Northern Ireland, a fact Mrs Long said was testament to the commitment of the party to changing the direction of society.

“In 2015, Alliance was only 2,500 votes away from defeating a five-party pact in East Belfast. People responded to our positive message of change then and I am confident voters will once again want to see that and back Alliance candidates in this General Election.

“We will be contesting this election on a platform of providing a progressive alternative to the current direction of travel, opposing a hard Brexit and putting the case for a special deal for Northern Ireland in any negotiations. People who back Alliance’s progressive candidates strengthen that case and protect our local interests in such uncertain times.”

“In March, Alliance increased our vote over 50 per cent, the best performance of any party here, thanks to our clear message and the support of the public,” added Ms Bradshaw.

“In South Belfast, Alliance is the only party able to represent everyone. It is the most diverse and inclusive constituency in Northern Ireland, and people clearly want to back Alliance as the only progressive, pro-Remain party which can win here.

“Alliance is the only party which can offer a real alternative to unionist-nationalist politics which can win the seat in South Belfast, and offer people a representative who truly reflects the diversity of the area.”

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