Long: Alliance delivered for everyone on rates

Ratepayers living under the new Belfast City Council boundary are to benefit from some financial relief, after Alliance Councillors helped secure a 0% rate increase on Monday night.

The move comes after Alliance fought for ratepayers to receive the best value for money, directly putting an end to unnecessary spending – including plans for City Hall parties to receive taxpayer funded political assistance.

Councillor Michael Long, Alliance Group Leader, said: “I am delighted Alliance has been able to play such a strong role in holding others to account and ensuring Belfast ratepayers get the best value for money.

“In the current economic climate, striking a rate of 0% will help many across the borough to balance household budgets, and maintain or improve their current standard of living.

“Ratepayers deserve to have elected representatives that will fight for the best possible deal for them – that’s why Alliance was the party to highlight the use of public funds to give political parties further aid. Others were prepared to spend around £700,000 on special political advisors, but due to an Alliance intervention that money will now go towards finance and capital projects.

“Going forward, Alliance will continue to ensure Belfast City Council remains open and transparent and accessible to all ratepayers. Money should be spent on money and services that directly benefit local people and Alliance will continue to block any further moves that are not in the best interests of everyone.”

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