Lo welcomes back Romas to Belfast

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has welcomed back some of the Romas who fled Belfast in June following racist attacks on their homes.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am very glad that these people have decided to return to Belfast. Some of the men I had talked to before they left had told me that they would like to come back here. They liked working and living here and they appreciated the kindness and generosity of those who helped them.

“Those who intimated and attacked the Romas’ homes are only a small minority and do not represent the views of the vast majority who were sickened by these attacks.

“These men will make a contribution to our society and take jobs, so they can not be accused of taking from the state, especially as they can not claim benefits.

“I hope that the rest of the Romas will return and show that Northern Ireland is not a racist place.”


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