Lo: We should be proud of Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said she believes ticket prices for the new Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre are fair, based on what’s on offer.

The MLA for South Belfast made the comments during a visit to the National Trust site on Wednesday, August 8. She also praised the success of the centre, which has welcomed over £100,000 visitors in the past five weeks.

Visitors wanting to access the Giant’s Causeway through the new centre must purchase a ticket costing £8.50. This includes car parking and a range of guided tours, however it is still possible to access the main Causeway site free of charge.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I was delighted to be invited today by the National Trust to view the new visitor centre and all it has to offer. It was wonderful to see the centre packed with visitors from around the world and I want to congratulate staff on welcoming over 100,000 visitors since the new centre opened its doors.

“People taking their families out on day trips would expect to pay and £8.50 does not seem excessive to me. Don’t forget all this income is re-invested in maintaining this site, in order to keep its World Heritage status.

“The building is unobtrusive and has been built to blend in with the natural environment. This facility should be applauded for its environmentally friendly features, such as underground heating and air conditioning. The site also collects rain water to be re-used and has made use of recycled concrete for the ceiling.

“We should be proud of this state of the art facility that will enhance visitor experience at the Giant’s Causeway.”

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