Lo warns people of bogus callers following robbery

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has called on people to wary of bogus callers following a robbery on Posnett Court in South Belfast on Friday. A man in a high visibility vest called at the house of the man in his 70s and claimed he was there to read the meter but when the door was opened four other men rushed in and threatened the elderly resident before making off with a sum of money.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I would warn all residents to be wary of bogus callers. If anybody calls at your door on official business then they would be only too happy to show you identification. If you are suspicious then you should ring the police. I would urge everybody to have a chain on their door and to use it every time somebody calls to your house.

“This must have been a very distressing incident for this elderly man. Nobody should ever have to deal with something like this.

“This was a despicable crime carried out by thugs who no regard for the well being of others.

“If anybody has any information about this robbery then I would urge them to contact the police.”


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