Lo to hold event for Community Relations Week

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo is organizing a event to mark Community Relations Week at the start of May. She has arranged an event for the evening of 4 May at the Shaftesbury Bowling Club, which will provide food and entertainment from other parts of the world. Alliance also plans to organise an event at Stormont for Community Relations Week in May.

Anna Lo stated: “I am very pleased to be taking part in Community Relations Week. I believe that it is important to highlight the need for a shared future, and arranging an event gives us another chance to do so.

“Society is changing in Northern Ireland; however, government and the public services has not adapted to these changes. Its time they recognized the need to end segregation and the duplication of services. This event gives us the chance to promote community relations through highlighting the need to end segregation.

“One billion pounds is wasted every year on segregation here. There is no need to have two segregated primary schools in a village, when one school for everyone makes better sense both socially and financially.”


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