Lo – Students need to consider the impact of their actions on residents

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has called on students to act responsibly and consider the impact of their actions on residents following today’s events in the Holylands area. Up to 12 people were arrested on Carmel Road in the Holylands area after parties started to spill onto the street.

Anna Lo MLA said: “Everybody should have a good time celebrating St Patrick’s Day, but not if it is at the expense of others.

“Students need to consider the consequences of their actions today. They need to realise the impact that they are having on residents.

“Students should behave themselves like the grown ups that they are. They are part of the community and so should act responsibly.

“Both Universities have done great work in trying to deal with the problems in the Holylands area, but after watching today’s events it is obvious that more must be done.”


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