Lo slams the four sectarian parties over tap tax

South Belfast Alliance Assembly Candidate Anna Lo has hit out at the four sectarian parties in the last Executive for opening the door for tap tax in Northern Ireland. She stated that if government stopped wasting one billion pounds every year on segregation, tap tax would not be introduced.

Anna Lo said: “The four sectarian parties in the last Executive set in-train the process which has seen water charges being introduced here.

“Yet again theses parties have let the people of Northern Ireland down and have led to more unfair charges being forced upon them.

“Its time that the people of Northern Ireland knew the truth about why water charges are being forced on them. Billions of pounds have been wasted for decades on segregation, to the detriment of our water and sewage infrastructure.

“Ending this segregation, which currently costs £1 billion yearly, involves sharing services and creating more integrated schools.

“Local people have the right to know why water charges are being imposed and which parties helped start the process of their introduction.

“A one-size-fits-all approach to tap tax means that older people and those on low incomes will be especially badly affected by this charge. We must get rid of this unfair charge immediately when the next Executive is formed.”


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