Lo slams Sinn Fein lack of support for community relations

Alliance Social Development spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has criticised a statement from Sinn Fein’s Chief Whip Caral Ni Chuilin who described an initiative to support community relations in mixed housing as “empty rhetoric”. She said that Sinn Fein have shown their true colours and have little intention of ending the segregation that bolsters tribalism and increases votes for hardline parties like them.

Anna Lo MLA said: “It is extremely disappointing to see that Sinn Fein are not supporting community relations. They have shown their true colours in this statement. They have no real intention of tackling segregation in our society.

“For a long time, Alliance has been calling for the divisions in our society to be removed, given that £1 billion is wasted every year on maintaining a segregated society. Sinn Fein have done nothing about this since they entered the Executive. Sinn Fein would never say this publicly, but I believe that they have done nothing because they think it is not in their interests to end division. After all, a divided society ensures that they will get votes and get re-elected. This mindset is not acceptable. Segregation needs to be ended if Northern Ireland is to maximise its economic potential and be able to improve frontline services.

“A recent Life and Times survey found that 8 out of 10 people wanted to live in mixed housing. Why does Sinn Fein not support integration when the vast majority of people want it? It’s time that they got real and woke up to the realities of modern Northern Ireland.”


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