Lo shocked at McDonnell for saying he will put party first ahead of constituency

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has expressed shock at comments that South Belfast SDLP MP and MLA Alasdair McDonnell made on BBC TV’s Hearts and Minds programme on Thursday. Alasdair McDonnell essentially said at this stage the constituency was not a priority and said his job will be to sort out the SDLP first of all.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I was very surprised at Alasdair McDonnell’s comments. Democracy is about representing the people in your constituency first and foremost. I simply could not believe that he said he would be putting his party first. What sort of message do his comments send out to the public?

“You are elected to represent the people in your constituency and to say that the party will be the first priority is deeply troubling, and I am sure that people in South Belfast will be very surprised at his remarks.

“I would also like to find out whether Mr McDonnell will continue to double-job, being both an MP and an MLA. I do not believe it is compatible to be both an MP and an MLA. Our MP Naomi Long made a commitment to stand down from the Assembly if elected to Westminster and she delivered on this pledge. Why is Mr McDonnell still doing the two roles?”


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