Lo shocked and saddened at murder

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has expressed deep sadness at the murder of a Polish man, whose body was discovered around 5.30pm yesterday in a house in Ardenvohr Street off the Woodstock Road. Police said that the death of another man who lived with the murdered man was linked to the murder, but they are not treating that other death as suspicious.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This is a terribly tragic chain of events. My heart goes out to the family and friends those who have lost a loved one in this deeply sad episode.

“For anyone to die hundreds of miles away from their family is simply heartbreaking.

“It must be unimaginably tough for a person to be told that their son or brother who was in another country has been murdered. The aftermath of an incident like this is devastating enough, but to have to bring a family member that has passed away home from another country adds even further anguish.

“Anyone with information on this tragic episode should contact police immediately.”


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