Lo says ‘when will Executive deliver radical plans on affordable housing?’

Alliance Social Development Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has challenged the Executive to be innovative to tackle the massive problems regarding creating affordable housing. The Executive has only offered aims but set out no actions or measurable timeframes.

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said: “The Executive’s plans contain nothing concrete on solving affordable housing problems.

“People with the most basic knowledge of policy delivery should know that for the Executive to be taken seriously they must state the actions that will be taken to address issues. Their plans on affordable housing are all talk and no action. There are no specific targets, let alone timeframes for delivery.

“The Executive should at least be examining radical new ways to tackle this housing problem. It would appear that they are bereft of ideas on this matter. When will we see real action from them on this issue?

“They should be trying to extend co-ownership so that the price range ties in with the current market. I realize that plans are afoot to charge rates on vacant properties; however, even more of an incentive to ensure housing is not left empty is needed.

“The Executive should also look into putting conditions on planning permission to make developers reserve a certain percentage of their homes for first time buyers. We have seen little original thinking from the Executive’s on helping first-time buyers. It is essential that they act decisively to tackle this problem.”


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