Lo says we need fair customer contribution to stop another water crisis

On the day that the Consumer Council published its report on the water crisis, Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that to prevent another crisis like the one we saw over Christmas we need to have a fair consumer contribution to enable real investment in water infrastructure.

Anna Lo MLA said: “To avert another water crisis like the one over Christmas, we need real investment in infrastructure. The only way to do this is by having a fair consumer contribution based on ability to pay and consumption.

“A fair contribution will not only improve water and sewerage infrastructure, it will also free-up cash in the block grant, currently used on improving this infrastructure, which cannot currently be spent on hospitals or schools. A fair contribution will help protect jobs, provide more nurses and help us build new hospitals and schools.

“Alliance is the only party radical enough and brave enough to say what’s really needed. Alliance is the only party leading change to prevent another water crisis and protect vital public services.”


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