Lo says UUP are in disarray yet again

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said given that the Ulster Unionists are split on suggestions for a new name, how will they ever present coherent policies? A BBC straw poll found that more than half of their MLAs are opposed to dropping the word ‘Ulster’ from their name.

Anna Lo MLA said: “If Ulster Unionist MLAs are divided over potential new names for the party, how will they ever provide a sensible and coherent manifesto? People want to see what a party stands for and it appears they will have much trouble producing policy that all their MLAs agree on.

“What does the UUP now stand for? They are all over the place about the Tory link up. Given the uproar over the speculation about dropping the word ‘Ulster’ from the title, you have to ask whether they will be able to agree any further plans with the Tories.

“The Ulster Unionists’ bid to appeal to a wider audience is falling flat on its face. We welcome the Tories getting involved in Northern Ireland but being linked to the UUP won’t do them many favours.”


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