Lo says two security alerts causing massive disruption

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has expressed anger at the disruption caused by two bomb alerts in the area. The alerts are taking place at University Road and Lisburn Road areas, and are causing much traffic disruption in shopping areas in the run up to Christmas. She also condemned attacks on police in Derry.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am very angry at the disruption caused by these despicable alerts. I am also appalled at the attacks on police in Derry last night.

“There is a very worrying trend of alerts and attacks on police around Northern Ireland, and we must ensure that thugs cannot impinge upon the everyday lives of everyone else.

“These alerts in South Belfast have caused a team hassle for commuters, shoppers and businesses in the run up to the most important time of the year for our retail industry.

“Those involved in the business of fear and violence can never and will never win. People have a duty to work with police to catch thugs and take them off our streets.”


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