Lo says transport budget needs to be re-balanced to improve public transport

Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Anna Lo has said Alliance would rebalance the transport budget to help deliver improved public transport. A rebalancing of the budget would mean more investment in buses and trains, a better service for everyone and greater efforts to protect our environment.

South Belfast Alliance Representative Anna Lo said: “It is vital we improve our public transport services in Northern Ireland and that is why Alliance would rebalance our transport budget.

“Given the fact that fuel prices are rocketing and people are facing tough economic times, more people will want to use public transport to get around. These factors make it all the more vital that we ensure more of the local transport budget goes towards buses and trains.

“Politicians really do need to do all they can to get people out of their cars. This can only happen however if we invest to improve our public transport services to extend the network to more areas and make services more frequent. This not only makes sense in infrastructure terms, it would also enable us to better protect the environment.

“Northern Ireland historically commits one of the the lowest proportions of its transport budget to public transport out of all the regions of Europe. This is shameful and this situation has to change. Alliance has the vision and ambition to transform our public transport for the better.”


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