Lo says time to expel students who caused trouble

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has called on universities to expel any student found guilty of serious offences following trouble on St Patrick’s Day in the Holyland area. Her comments come following news that five students have been charged after the disturbances.

Anna Lo MLA said: “Its now time for the universities to show students that they cannot get away with behaving like this. They need to know that there will be very serious consequences for any trouble they cause.

“The universities have done much work to try and improve the situation, but following these sickening scenes they need to send out the strongest possible message and expel anyone who is found guilty.

“If students can see that getting involved in such activities will result in them being put out of university, then they will obviously be deterred from causing trouble. The vast majority of students are appalled at what happened and they too are fed up with those who were involved.

“Local residents have been through enough in recent years and this trouble has to stop. The universities need to take the initiative and I hope they will get tough on the troublemakers.”


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