Lo says Maskey move creates ugly tribal headcount

Alliance South Belfast candidate Anna Lo has stated that the move by Sinn Fein to withdraw their candidate Alex Maskey from the South Belfast election is despicable tribal politics. She has said that this development is similar to the sectarian headcount created because the UUP and DUP agreed to have a unionist unity candidate.

Anna Lo said: “This is just more tribal politics – it is no different to the sectarian headcount caused by the UUP and DUP agreeing a candidate in Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

“I am very disappointed and extremely angry that Sinn Fein has decided that they are putting tribal issues ahead of the very real problems facing people in South Belfast.

“These tribal stitch-ups have to stop because they undermine democracy and they cheapen politics in Northern Ireland. These are very ugly and extremely crude tactics.

“People will be angry that parties are playing lowest-common denominator politics with this election when jobs are being lost and our frontline services are under threat.”


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