Lo says £26million cost of cleaning up litter shows why we must tackle this problem

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that the £26million that was spent by Councils last year cleaning up litter shows why we must tackle this problem.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I think people will be shocked that such a large sum of money was spent cleaning up litter last year. I hope that this news will show people the financial consequences of littering and encourage them to pick up their rubbish.

“We need to see a change in attitude by the public that it is not acceptable to drop your rubbish in the street.

“There is a role for parents to play by setting a good example for their children to follow by taking any rubbish, such as crisp packets, home to dispose of if they can’t find a nearby bin.

“Councils must also be more proactive and place more bins on our streets to prevent littering.”


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