Lo saddened by DVA job losses

Alliance Environment spokesperson, Anna Lo MLA, has expressed her sadness after it was announced that 300 jobs will be lost as services at the Northern Ireland Driver and Vehicle Agency will be centralised in Swansea in Wales. Most of the jobs are in Coleraine.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This will be devastating news for the workers, their families and the local economy. These jobs have been at risk for some time and I am disappointed that the Westminster Government did not change their mind following a great campaign to save these jobs. Nearly every political party pledged their support for this campaign, which was also backed by trade unions and motoring organisations.

“I hope the Environment and Finance Ministers will work together to determine what can be done to limit the number of redundancies by moving these staff elsewhere.

“Coleraine will be badly affected by this decision and I hope the Executive will look to help the town following this announcement.”


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