Lo pledges to be a voice for nature in Europe

Alliance European candidate, Anna Lo MLA, has pledged to be a voice for nature in Europe. During a visit to the RSPB’s nature reserve in the Belfast Harbour Estate, she signed the RSPB pledge to be a ‘voice for nature in the European Parliament’. She also gave her support to BirdLife International’s European manifesto.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am proud to have signed the pledge to be a voice for nature in Europe. If elected to the European Parliament, I will champion the environment, seeking to protect and restore our ecosystems and highlight the importance of biodiversity.

“I was delighted to visit the RSPB nature reserve in the Belfast Harbour Estate. It is an oasis in the middle of an industrial area and plays an important role in the migration of birds. It was great to talk to the staff and hear what they are doing to protect our nature. If elected to Europe, I hope that I will be able to help them continue their excellent work.

“It is vital that the European Parliament passes laws to promote environmental sustainability to ensure that our natural habitats are not lost for future generations.

“I regularly visit some of our most wonderful environmental locations from the Giant’s Causeway to our beautiful beaches. I will work hard to ensure that they are properly managed and given the protection they require.

“As an MEP, I will push for ambitious targets and outcomes to re-orientate Europe towards greater sustainability and resource efficiency. Unsustainable use of our finite natural resources creates economic and social problems within Europe and across the world; we need politicians who will lead change now, before it is too late.”


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