Lo outraged following two more Belfast car hijackings

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has expressed her outrage following two more car hijackings in Belfast bringing the number of hijackings to 9 in 11 days.A car was hijacked on Grosvenor Road, South Belfast on Friday night. Another car was hijacked on Eskdale Gardens in North Belfast.

Anna Lo said: “I am outraged at the people who are carrying out these car hijackings. I can not comprehend the mindset of those who would carry out such a vicious crime

“The public must provide any information that they know about these hijackings to the police. It will only be with the public’s help that the police will be able to catch those responsible for these crimes.

“The police must divert more resources to combating this type of crime. The public are worried that it will happen to them. It is shocking that there has been nine hijackings in eleven days.

“I hope that the victims of these hijackings are able to get over what must have a terrible experience.

“I would urge drivers to take precautions such as locking their doors and keeping windows closed.”


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