Lo: NI needs a credible European candidate who will work for everyone

Alliance European candidate, Anna Lo MLA, speaking at the launch of the Alliance European and Local Government campaigns, has said that Northern Ireland needs a credible European candidate who will work in the best interests of everyone in our society.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I have always been pro-Europe. It makes economic sense that we belong to a massive common market of 500 million people with an economy worth £730 billion. Nearly 90,000 jobs here are dependent on our trade within the EU. The EU has provided millions of pounds through various funding programmes to improve our agriculture and rural development, infrastructure and transport, education and social skills, research, environment and sustainable development and peace building. Alliance is proudly pro-Europe for all of these reasons.

“Northern Ireland needs a credible European candidate who will work for the best interests of our society as a whole. Alliance is the only main Northern Ireland party that represents everyone. I present a progressive, inclusive image of Northern Ireland in Europe.

“Northern Ireland has a tendency to be insular. We need to challenge our, at times, ‘village’ attitude and turn Northern Ireland into an outward and open-minded place, ready to play a bigger role in world affairs. We need to show the world, and ourselves, what we are capable of. We have a skilful workforce; 3 universities with excellent research and development capabilities; a thriving agri-food industry; lots of creative artists. We have lots to offer Europe and the world.

“I am ambitious and positive for the role that the EU can play in Northern Ireland and the role that an Alliance MEP can play in the EU. I will be the champion for promoting community relations, the economy and the environment.”


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