Lo leads campaign save Lisburn Road Post Office

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo is spearheading the campaign to keep the threatened Lisburn Road Post Office open. The Post Office in question is situated at 217 Lisburn Road, and Anna yesterday visited local residents and the Post Office to discuss concerns.

Anna Lo MLA said: “We are appalled that after the closure of the Balmoral Post Office, residents are now facing another devastating closure, this time on the Lisburn Road.

“This Post Office is a thriving business. It is a community hub and it provides a lifeline for older people.

“People with limited mobility will be badly affected by this closure and a lot of older people in this area don’t own cars. This closure will hurt community cohesion and increase social exclusion.

“The owner and the staff are perplexed as to why they have to shut up shop when this Post Office is a viable business. This is a bizarre decision and we will fight it all the way. It would be very wrong to shut down a thriving vital service and we will do our utmost to keep this service open.”


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