Lo is aiming high to stop the brain drain from NI

Alliance European candidate, Anna Lo MLA, has said that she is aiming high to create a better society in Northern Ireland to stop the brain drain of our young people. She was speaking as she judged a competition run by the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative where students made presentations about different local charities which they believe are best placed to make a positive contribution to the local community.

Anna Lo MLA said: “It was great to see these young people taking such an active interest in the community. These young people are stepping forward for their local area and aiming high for a better society in Northern Ireland.

“We have seen from recent polls that young people are more interested in the economy, employment opportunities and social issues than orange and green politics.

“If we do not seek to move beyond the tribal politics of ‘us and them’, then more and more young people will seek to leave Northern Ireland to start their lives elsewhere. However, just this week we saw a row between Unionists and Nationalists over the condemnation of recent racist attacks. This style of politics does nothing to inspire young people to remain in Northern Ireland.

“I have been affected by the brain drain. My two sons left Northern Ireland to find better opportunities elsewhere. I am aiming high for a prosperous society that will ensure that the next generation will wish to remain in Northern Ireland.”


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