Lo hails Belfast hate crime conference

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has welcomed news that a conference on tackling hate crime is being held in Belfast. She said that news of this conference will send out a positive message that Northern Ireland is doing all it can to tackle prejudice.

Anna Lo said: “This conference is a very positive event as it shows that Northern Ireland is trying to do all it can to tackle prejudice.

“A very small number of individuals who are totally unrepresentative of our society brought shame on Northern Ireland with their intimidation of Romanian people earlier this year. This conference sends out the message to the world that Northern Ireland is a welcoming place that is moving forward to a better future.

“Racism is not the only issue we need to tackle, sectarianism and homophobia will also be addressed at this event and I am glad these problems are being discussed. Prejudice breeds other forms of prejudice and a joined-up approach is essential in dealing with these matters.”


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