Lo encourages political involvement of ethnic minorities

Alliance South Belfast MLA, Anna Lo, has encouraged members of the Black and Minority Ethnic communities to get involved in the political process. She was speaking ahead of the first BME Parliament which is due to meet at Stormont on Wednesday evening to hear from politicians and Executive Ministers.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This is a fantastic initiative that will hopefully get more people from black and minority ethnic communities involved in the political process. It is important that their voices are heard when decisions are being made in Westminster, Stormont and local Councils.

“Unfortunately, recent racist attacks have heightened the fears of ethnic minority communities. It is therefore important that they are more informed of the political institutions to lobby politicians to do more about combating racism and to get involved in the development of Government policies on issues that affect them.

“I would also encourage people from black and minority ethnic communities, and every person who is entitled to vote, to ensure that they are on the electoral register. Everybody should avail of their democratic right to vote in the coming elections on 22nd May. It is only by voting that we can make sure that we elect the representatives who are going to move this country away from the politics of ‘us and them’, and towards a shared future.”


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