Lo dismisses Sinn Fein calls for her to remain silent on National Park

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA who is Chair of the Assembly Environment Committee, has dismissed calls by Sinn Fein MLA Francie Molloy for her to remain silent on the National Park issue. Anna has insisted that she is entitled to speak as the Alliance Party Environment spokesperson and will continue to do so. Anna has spoken out in support of a National Park, while her Committee colleagues have stated their opposition to it.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This is a ridiculous suggestion by Francie. When I am speaking on behalf of the Committee I have always made sure what I say is representative of other members. However my comments on issues such as National Parks were quite clearly made as the Alliance spokesperson on the Environment.

“I will not take any heed of his comments, as I am entitled to speak on any issue I want to. I will continue to speak out in support of developing Northern Ireland’s first National Park, his comments will not deter my work.

“I would like to know whether every comment that his colleagues Sue Ramsey, Alex Maskey and Daithi McKay make are entirely representative of the Committees they Chair at Stormont. I wonder if he would try to gag them if they put forward Sinn Fein policy instead of their Committee’s position. Francie is getting into dangerous territory if he is starting to get into the business of telling other MLAs what they can and cannot say.”


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