Lo disgusted at Westlink hoax bomb threat

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has expressed her disgust at those behind a bomb threat on the Westlink. The army examined three suspicious devices between Broadway and the Grosvenor Road on Tuesday afternoon after they received a warning by telephone. They were later declared hoaxes

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am disgusted at these mindless thugs behind this campaign. Nobody supports them, the over whelming majority of the public wants them to stop their idiotic actions.

“People just want to get on with their daily lives; everybody apart from these dissidents has signed up to the peace process. When will they realise that these hoax threats are just causing disruption and nothing else?

“What could they have achieved from this threat? When will they get the message that they must bring a halt to their campaign?

“If anybody has any information about these devices then they should contact the police. These people must be taken off our streets by the police to be given their punishments by the courts.”


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