Lo: Democracy and peace must underpin NI politics

Alliance Party President Anna Lo has officially opened the party’s annual Conference, this year taking place at the Stormont Hotel.

After thanking members and candidates for the hard work and dedication that led to the party achieving its best election result since 1987, Anna led delegates in a moment’s silence in memory of those who lost their lives in Wednesday’s attack on Westminster.

She said: “This is a difficult time globally for politics. But our democratic values should be what define us as a society.

“Whatever your views on politics, we should all be able to agree that we resolve our disputes peacefully; through elections, through debate and discussion and through the changing of minds.

“Alliance has always striven for that democracy. For us, the existence of power-sharing democracy is a vital part of that peace.

“Whatever happens in the coming days, democracy and peace must underpin politics here in Northern Ireland. That has to be our aim.”

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