Lo criticises plans for Miss Ulster competition at Stormont

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has criticised plans for the Miss Ulster competition to take place at Stormont.

Entrants must be aged between 18-24-years-old, be at least 5ft 7ins tall and be between a size eight and a size 12.

She said: “I completely condemn this event and would question the suitability of an event like this taking place at Stormont.

“This competition has very tight rules and we should not be encouraging girls and young women to think they are only deemed beautiful if they look a certain way. They are already faced with airbrushed images in magazines and newspapers without this superficial world coming to their doorsteps.

“We should be opening up opportunities for our young people, not telling a section of our 18-24-year olds that they are simply not good enough. We should encourage them to work hard on their education and developing their hobbies and interests, without relying only on their appearance to help them get on in the world.”

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