Lo condemns ‘shameful’ pensioner burglaries

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has condemned the burglary of a 79-year-old man’s house in Stockman’s Lane yesterday evening. Burglars forced their way into the man’s home when he was there at around 6.35pm. Two other burglaries of pensioners’ homes took place last night, near the Crumlin Road and the Cliftonville Road in North Belfast.

Anna Lo MLA said: “These burglaries were shameful. I cannot comprehend the minds of people who would rob frail pensioners. Older people should be respected, not subjected to ordeals like these.

“It is shocking that three pensioners were robbed in incidents across the city last night. Police are examining whether these crimes were linked.

“There have been a number of older people targeted in recent days and this trend is extremely disturbing.

“People who target frail and vulnerable in people are nothing but cowards. They need to be stopped and put behind bars now. Anyone who witnessed any of these incidents should contact police immediately to assist them with their investigations.”


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