Lo condemns pro-Reparative Therapy conference in County Down

Anna Lo MLA has criticised a planned pro-Reparative Therapy conference organised by the Christian Concern and Core Issues Trust, set to take place this Saturday, January 18.

Titled ‘Setting Love in Order’, the conference aims to ‘convert’ individuals from homosexuality to heterosexuality, based around the belief homosexuality is either a psychological disorder or a tendency toward immoral and harmful actions.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The therapy is archaic and damaging, and should not be supported in Northern Ireland. We should be campaigning for the rights of the LGBT members of our communities, not sending the message that homosexuality and transsexuality are in any way curable or unwanted.

“A truly shared society is one with an inclusive attitude to everyone regardless of their creed, colour, gender or sexuality, as well as their political or religious views.

“Practices such as this encourage prejudice, ill-feeling and division in our communities. We must stand against this conference to affirm our own commitment to a shared future.”

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