Lo comments on Robinson apology

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has welcomed the First Minister’s public apology following comments he made in reference to the Muslim community last week.

The MLA for South Belfast has said while it is a welcome development that will bring some reassurance to ethnic minority communities across Northern Ireland, actions will speak louder than words, and the publication and implementation of the long-overdue Racial Equality Strategy should now be made a priority within OFMdFM.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I welcome today’s public apology from First Minister Peter Robinson. It offers us the opportunity to move forward, from words of reassurance to actions that will make a real difference to the lives of people from minority communities.

“Today also saw all political parties support an Alliance amendment calling for the Racial Equality Strategy to be implemented – not just published – as soon as possible, sending a clear signal that a seven year delay is not acceptable. However, it was disappointing that the First Minister failed to attend this debate.

“I hope Mr Robinson will follow up today’s apology with swift action and move quickly to approve the Racial Equality Strategy. I look forward to seeing details of this strategy and accompanying action plan in the immediate future.”


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